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CBC Orange Avenue clone

Not sure how many people have had Coronado Brewing Company’s Orange Avenue wit, but my wife has asked me to make something like that. Anyone have a good clone recipe? NB’s Garden Hoe extract kit looks similar with the coriander and orange peel. I haven’t tried that one yet so I don’t know what it really tastes like to compare. Thanks for the help.

I’ve never had the beer your wanting to clone but the Gaarden hoe is a clone of Hoegaarden.

I haven’t had the beer you’re talking about - but NB has a couple kits that utilize coriander and orange.

There’s the standard Witbier kit -

And there’s La Petite Orange -

Check the instructions under additional info for specifics but I think the Witbier used dried orange peel and the Petite Orange used orange zest.

Thanks. I forgot about Le Petite Orange. That is heavier and higher ABV for what she wants but the orange zest at flameout may be what I use depended on the level or flavor I need. Then again she has start to like more of the brews I make so maybe I should just brew it and see what she thinks first.

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NB’s Witbier is a Blue Moon clone. Try some Blue Moon first then decide. I like the Witbier more than Blue Moon. The NBs’ Witbier recipe has more flavor.

Good info. I have consumed a good amount of Blue Moon in my life and moved away from it because I wanted more flavor as I discovered more styles. Garden Hoe Sounds good. How would it turnout if I cold crashed and tried to really clarify it wish Irish moss, secondary and fermacap-s? Would I loose some of the flavor that makes a good wit?

Irish moss is typically used in the boil kettle to settle solids. Never used Fermacap-s. It is used for reducing foaming in the boil kettle and excessive krausen in the fermentor.

Wits are wheat beers. One of their charms is that they are not clear, but remain hazy all the way to the glass because of the wheat used in brewing. I Just use a 21 day primary to allow time for sediment and excess yeast to settle the entire contents of the bottle can be poured.

My mistake. I meant to write biofine clear instead of fermacap-s. Still waking up and drinking coffee after “testing” quite a few Dead Ringer IPAs last night. Had to make sure those 22 oz bottles turned out just right.

I feel a little fuzzy after one 22 ounce Dead Ringer.

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