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Must say got email from nb with the new catalyst fermenting system. Looks real nice

Yup I got that email also. Looks cool but the price is way too steep for me. Wouldn’t work for me anyway because I wouldn’t have a way to control fermentation temps. Right now I use the cool brewing cooler during the first phase of fermentation to keep the temps in check, so if you use that or a swamp cooler you would have to use a different method with the Catalyst set up. Right now I have 2 carboys going and brewing again on Saturday. I would need at least 3 of the Catalysts to brew on the same schedule…yikes!

Do use myself the swampcooler method. Do like my glass aloy for fermenting. But it looks nice the catalyst. Mm 199$ can buy more beer stuff with it

The e-mail I got shows a clear plastic unit which I wouldn’t care for.

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