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Cast Iron Banjo Burner

I recently purchased 3 of these burners from NB and now I’m seeing conflicing information online on if they’re high pressure or low pressure. I spoke to NB this morning and they said they’re high pressure, but there are several other homebrew sites that show the same burners as low pressure. Is it the orifice that can determine if the burner is high or low pressure?

I too have read a bunch of conflicting reports (NB, Amazon, other brewing forums) about the high or low pressure of the burner. From what I understand it is the REGULATOR that determines the flow (makes sense, I guess) of gas and the strength of the burn. A bunch of these units began shipping with a cheap Chinese regulator that was LOW pressure, even though the packaging (and by some reports, Banjo’s own service reps) told otherwise. I have no idea what the physical difference of the two regulators looks like, so I can’t help you there but if you buy new high pressure regulators they are supposed to work like champs.

I have been waiting to pull the trigger on going AG for this exact problem to be resolved. Without a decent burner setup, a 5 gal batch is next to impossible to brew.

I have one of those burners and they work great but with a 20 lb LP tank mine will only burn about half the tank and then the burner will go out. Kind of frustrating. I plan to start using it on a 100 lb tank soon. I hope this takes care of the problem.

I use 30 and 40 lb tanks just to eliminate that problem both have the QPD in them same as a 20 lb tank so I can carry them in my car. Any tank over 40 lb does not have the QPD in them.

Here in Wisconsin you can’t by law carry a 100 lb tank in your car it has to be in a pickup or trailer.

The 30 and 40 lb and larger tanks are filled by the gallon which is less expensive than by the lb

A few months ago I purchases a burner (ended up going Blichman). But I did lots of research on the Banjo as well. They both have the same cast iron burner, it is the regulator that makes the difference in stats. The Blichman comes with a 10 psi regulator, while the Banjo is 30. My experience with the Blichman has been great so if the Banjo comes with a 10 psi regulator now it should work fine and you will be less likely to have the freezing issues that seem to be the biggest complaint about the Banjo.

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