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Cask conditioning?

So I kegged a barleywine about two weeks ago with half the sugar I would have used to bottle this size batch…after I chill it down in the freezer next week…do I need to hook it up to gas at all to dispense? If so…5psi?

So you primed in the keg, you’ll leave it at room temp, for week, then chill… You may need to leave it out longer to dissolve more of the sugar, thusly giving more carbonation… I usually pull a half pint whilst its conditioning, just to see how the carbing is coming along… I usually rack into the keg before you reach terminal gravity, then I don’t put the sugar in… About half way through your keg, you may need to add some CO2. I need to build a rack to rest the keg in, then as the volume in the keg goes down, use the gas side for dispensing… That outlet would be the lowest… this will make it so you don’t need to ad CO2 half way through… Confused? Sneezles61

I fill four kegs at a time, prime two or three and force what is left. This way I don’t need all of them refrigerated. I used to use about 1/2 the normal amount of sugar and found it to not be enough. Now I use NBs priming calculator and go pretty close but err on the light side.

One I have on draft now is just a little over carbed but not enough to worry about it. After the first pour the next one (two, three…) have a nice head.

It’s all about tweaking it to your likes and system.

BTW I serve at about 10lbs.

I think i need more kegs to do more of this keg priming :grinning:

If you don’t mind fixing them up, try Craigslist. I see a few at $30 & $40 on it locally. Don’t need any more though.

Have you guys primed any belgians up in the 3.5-4 vol range? Would like to try this with a BDSA ive got hanging out :grinning:

I apologize… Whats a BDSA? Sneezles61

Belgian dark strong ale…its like your duvel…only dark :grinning:

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Thank you! :sunglasses: Sneezles61

Question: I put my barleywine in the fridge yesterday at 33 degrees…pulled a pint tonight just to get the gunk out…came shooting out…so I pulled the prv…then it came out slow…so I emptied my glass and came back to it…shot out like a canon…pulled the prv again…foam and beer shot out of it :blush: Just need more time at a cool temp?

Yes, more time… and sampling … Some day I’d like to have a small fridge controlled at 45 just for cask conditioned ales… I think its a real treat! Sneezles61

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