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Case of bombers

Looking for empty bottles and found a case of bombers( full) i have no idea what they are and why i didn’t label them. Oh boy i love mysteries. I’ll chill one and get back


They have red caps which may mean they are sours or bottle aged so that may narrow it down or not.

I discovered about a half case recently of my own bottles as well. I know they are Flanders reds I just forgot that I had them. I think they are going on 3 years old now


Apparently its a cider and a very good cider at that. Must bt from last year

Did you find them at your house or up at your camp?

Nice find !

My younger son moved back home for a bit while he looks for a house, and looking at all the stuff that came back into my basement include were about 12 bottles of a Kolsch that I brewed for him about 2 years ago. I have not opened one yet, was assuming I would prob have to dump them… I have no idea if that style of beer gets better with age or not. I don’t usually drink it at all.

Ill bet they will be good a kolsch should be lagered

No i found these in my brewery. Damn its good

Thanks Brewcat, I will have to chill a couple and see what they taste like !

mmmmm cider… Is it still?
T in B… I’ll be curious. as to your findings too…
There is no way any brews will last that long here… never.

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Ok, I cracked open one of the 2018 vintage Kolsch beers just now. Although Kolsch in general is not really in my group of preferred beers, it tastes just fine. Def still carbonated as you can see from the pic.

So I have about a dozen of them so perhaps I will develop a taste for it :). Thanks for the advice, I almost just dumped them assuming they would be bad. Now that would be alcohol abuse.


That is a good looking brew! I’ll bet you pat yourself on the back!

Thanks, I wish I liked Kolsch more (i had made these for my son). It might be a bit dark for a kolsch but I recall i did that on purpose as I could not get myself to drink a super light colored beer for some reason.
Making a starter for a Baltic Porter now. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 40’s so that is good brewing weather in January. This porter will have the molasses in it, and a much more neutral water profile this time…

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