Cascade Mountains West Coast Imperial IPA Extract Kit

I’m thinking of ordering the Cascade Mountains West Coast Imperial IPA Extract Kit.

Does anyone know if this is a Boneyard Hop Venom clone? Maybe I’m just hopeful and reading too much into it, but I see veiled references that make me wonder:

“a bone dry” - reference to Boneyard?
“Cascade Mountains” - Bend is in the Cascades

There is only 1 review so far, and it sounds excellent.

Would White Labs WLP051 California V be a good liquid yeast substitute for Wyeast 1272 American Ale II which normally comes with this kit but is out of stock?

NB lists the option of Danstar American West Coast Ale Yeast as the preconfigured alternative but I want to use liquid yeast and make a starter.

Yes, Cali V would be a great sub for American II, they’re very similar strains. I don’t think it’s a clone, though you never know.

Thanks Vaughn. Probably wishful thinking.

Hop Venom is on tap at my LHBS. I’m guessing you’d recommend that I sample it?

Only sample it if you want to take home a growler and start an addiction that takes you over to Bend on a regular basis to visit Boneyard. You’ve been warned.