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Cascade Mountain Imperial IPA - All Grain Kit

I am getting ready to brew this beauty and was looking for some feedback from folks that have brewed the All Grain version of this. Have you found a 60 minute boil to be sufficient for this recipe? I typically go 90 minute boils on my DIPA’s. I was also thinking about dropping the summit additions to .5oz FWH and .5 @ 60 minutes. I’ll keep the Cascade additions as is. Going to pitch 2 packs US-05 rather then BRY-97. Just prefer US-05 in my IPA’s due to how clean and dry it finishes. Thanks.

Just wanted to clarify, are you considering the longer boil so that the gravity is high enough? If that’s the case, I suspect it will need to be a game time decision, that will depend on the volume of wort collected.

As for lowering the quantity of fwh and bittering hops, I would only change them if your gravity is much lower than expected.

Finally, I think US-05 would be excellent for this beer.


Yes…I have found that I am usually not hitting my target gravity with a 60 minute boil. We’ll see how it goes for this one…guess like you mention may just be a game time decision. Hoping to brew tomorrow afternoon.

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