Cascade beer candi syrup?

Hello I have a jar of cascade beer candi syrup I just need to know how to add it to my beer. I read that it say to add just after high krausen does that mean once the high krausen die down a bit or do you wait a day or so after the high krausen to add the cascade beer candi syrup?

I looked a the instructions. Big concern with aerating the beer. Large beers can be aerated with oxygen 12 to 18 hours after the start of active fermentation to increase the number of new yeast cells propagated, but Cascades instructions, in my opinion would cause the beer to be oxidized.
I would add this syrup when the fermentation of the complex sugars is complete. It is possible you may have to rouse the yeast, by stirring gently with a sanitized spoon, if the fermentation of this simple sugar does not show renewed CO2 fermentation activity.
I don’t know the consistency of this syrup. Might need to be dissolved in water, or some of the beer siphoned from the fermentor.

I hope this is not completely wrong. Never had this situation in my brewing.

They sent me a bunch of samples I’ve been working my way through. I add them 3-4 days into primary. They are very thick so I put them in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes to thin them down, then just pour them in. I haven’t stirred them in, but you could if you did it very gently.

The tart cherry syrup sounds like it would be good in a dubbel or strong dark. Have you tried that one yet?

Nope, not yet. Just gave it to a guy to test for me since I don’t have enough time. I’ll get some of the finished beer to try.