Carmelite Tripel PM kit

fairly sure I know the answer…just finished this sucker up…and my OG is about 15 points low. Everything went according to recipe…mash went great…but I did have over estimate how much I would boil off…so had about 6 gallons of wort instead of 5…that be enough to throw it off that much?

The OG from the website lists 1.081, correct? So your equation would be:
81 points x 5 gallons = 405 points / 6 gallons = 67.5. So yes, that much dilution would lead fairly close to the drop in OG you saw.

Could/should I add some dme/sugar…and how to/when…or has that time passed? It’s going on 48 hours since I pitched.

You can still add it if you like. The yeast is likely through working on most of the complex sugars, adding a simple sugar now will keep the yeast going and they will likely tear right through it, upping your abv and making the body lighter.

I would add no more than 1#, boil enough water to dissolve the sugar, add the sugar to the water, cool the syrup, add gently to the fermenter. Try to keep the fermenter cool as well.

Only limitation: did the kit already include sugar added to the boil? If so, I wouldn’t add any more. It could make the beer very cidery.

2 pounds of corn sugar…I think I’ll just leave as is…and not make this mistake again :slight_smile: