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Caribou Slobber

Anyone with experience with this extract kit have some avice for aging and bottling time?

Mine’s been in the primary for 15 days now at a steady cellar temp of 63 degrees. I’m not using a secondary so I planned on a full 3 weeks in primary. Does that sound good, or could I bottle it now?

And also, anyone with experience know how long in the bottle until these puppies are ready for consumption? This kit was a gift to me, and I want to share the final product with the person who got me the gift, and I’m getting antsy.

It was an extract kit with dry yeast.

I brewed an extract version (with Wyeast) in early January and sampled my first bottle on Super Bowl Sunday. I did three weeks in a primary with no secondary.

I think at “first taste” it was about 2 weeks in bottle - and it was good, but a bit thin.

It only gets better with time but it’s very drinkable at two weeks, imo.

Thanks, That was the info I wanted.

I’ve brewed 2 extract batches and am fermenting my 3rd AG batch one thing I did notice this batch was the 1332 yeast says to ferment between 65-75 deg I’ve been fermenting to cold so now I’m fermenting at 69-70 degs I’ll see what that does.


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