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Caribou Slobber

Wonderful beer. Just opened my first batch. I will make this again, Wow. Brown, nutty and my first perfectly clear beer, not cloudy at all. 2 weeks in the bottle and then cold storage made all the difference.

Just started drinking my first batch of CS. I love it.

This was a good solid brown, made it twice!

I split a bit of that batch the last time I made it, and added some chocolate flavoring to one gallon, and some cherry and chocolate to another.

All 3 were fantastic.

That’s probably one of my favorite kits.

Cherry and chocolate sounds interesting.

It certainly was.
I was sad to see the last bottle get consumed… though right now, I don’t want to think about any dark and heavy beers. Just focusing on getting the summer stuff set.

I’ll hit the Porters and Stouts come August!

Is Caribou Slobber a clone of “Moose Drool”? I brewed CS a year ago, and picked up Moose Drool to do a side-by-side test. I will see what happens, I only have one or two bottles of CS left.

I did a side by side last year of Drool and a Slobber I brewed. I liked the Slobber so much more.

Yep CS = moose drool. I did the side by side a few weeks ago. The chocolate came through much more in the MD, IMO. Has this been others’ impressions, too? I’m a new brewer so I’m sure my techniques aren’t quite up to snuff, yet. Have others gotten that chocolatey taste to really come out of the CS? If not, I think I’ll add some chocolate next time I make it.

I did a side-by-side of Moose Drool and Caribou Slobber last night (last bottle of CS), and I thought that CS had more of a chocolate note to it. MD had that middle note of sour or yeast or biscuit/caramel malt. I haven’t figured that flavor out, it is the same taste that seems to dominate Fat Tire. Preferred CS for sure.

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