caribou Slobber

Last week, after two weeks in the primary and bubbling stopped in the airlock I transferred the contents into the secondary fermenter. After three days I suddenly have krausening and my airlock bubbling again how longs will this last. Bottling next Saturday may not be an option.

The official answer is to take a hydrometer reading for three days and if it does not change you are ready to bottle. The simple answer is just give it some time. A couple of weeks in secondary is normal so don’t rush it.

There is a chance it is just letting off some gas and not continuing to ferment. It is a good idea to make sure it is done before bottling though. If not and you add additional sugar to prime it could result in bottle bombs.

Did you use the liquid yeast? When I made CSlobber and used the liquid yeast (1335?) I had krausen for close to 4 weeks.

No…I actually used the dry yeast. I know that patience is needed so I will wait this one out!

You might just be agitating it and releasing the CO2 that is dissolved in the beer. That makes it really hard to determine when it is done.

What’s your temps. Made this twice both with dry yeast and great bubbles for 3 days and into bottles (no racking option) at 2 weeks. Temp was around 70 to 72. Drinking a slobber as I write.