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Caribou slobber with Muntons ale yeast

I brewed the Caribou Slobber with Muntons ale yeast on Feb 2. I had just tossed all my harvested WY 1332 that I normally use because of a recent infection. I pitched the yeast at 62°F with the water bath temperature set for 66°F. Early morning next day a very active fermentation with the temp of the beer at 70°. Mid afternoon the same day beer temp had dropped to 67°. Reset the water bath temperature for 68°. Day 3 of the fermentation the SG was 1.020 at 69°. (Add one gravity point for the temp above the hydrometers 60° calibration temperature.) Reset the water bath temperature to 69°.

Day 11 the SG was 1.019 at 70°. Roused the yeast and reset the water bath temperature for 70°.
Day 18 the SG was 1.019 at 69°.
Today at day 26 SG was 1.018 at 69°. There is more CO2 in the sample than previously. Seems like there is a very slow fermentation going. Beer tastes a lot like the Caribou Slobber brewed a while ago with Danstar Windsor ale yeast when it stopped at 1.019. That one I finished off with a half liter pitch of WY 1056 at high krausen.

Seems like Muntons ale yeast and Danstar’s Windsor ale may be the same strain of yeast.

I’ll give this Slobber another week and perhaps bottle.

You know, I don’t hear much, if any talk/chatter about either of those dry yeasts’… Perhaps the lag or slow to finish explains that phenomena … Sneezles61

I think it is maltotriose that Windsor doesn’t utilize. The reason for a higher finishing gravity.

The few times I’ve used Muntons yeast, it takes off like gangbangers, and finishes fast, although a bit high. Just like your experience.

Today was going to be the day to decide what to do with the Slobber. I was going to pitch a liter of US-05 at high krausen if the beer was still at 1.019 as it was one week ago. This morning the beer is at 1.014. Very little CO2 in the SG sample. It tastes good. I’m going to leave it as is for another few days before taking another SG reading. I’ll bottle soon if the SG is the same and there is a little less CO2 in the sample.

From boil kettle to maybe being done fermenting in 33 days is a record for my brews.

A nice big brown ale should finish a little higher… giving it a mouth feel that isn’t flabby… Sneezles61

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