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Caribou Slobber using Wyeast 1335?

Fairly new at the homebrewing thing and getting ready to brew up the Caribou Slobber this weekend if time allows.

I’ve currently got the Surly Bender kit in Primary that used the Wyeast 1335 strain that is also ready for bottling. Any problems with dropping the Caribou Slobber on top of the the 1335 yeast cake ???

Is the 1335 going to impart anything undesirable to the slobber which calls for the 1332 Northwest Ale Yeast. I have a small sample of 1332 I washed from our first batch but don’t have time to get a starter going if I want to brew this weekend.

While not high tech I’ve been using the swamp cooler approach to temperature regulation to great success on our first 3 batches so temps shouldn’t come into play with off tastes etc.

Thanks in adv.


One thing about homebrewing is that essentially you can use whatever yeast you want on what ever beer you want. With that said 1335 will be fairly colse with 1332. Is it the same? No and will taste a little different from the last time you used 1332. But, you may like it more, or may not. Only one way to tell… :slight_smile:

Hey Loopie, Thanks for the advice… It’s about what I figured I’d hear but just wanted to stick a feeler out there just in case.

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