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Caribou Slobber Update

Well after three weeks in the fermenter, I finally bottled my first batch of Caribou Slobber. Filled 46 bottles full (my bottler was a bit sloppy-free good help is tough to find!). The 47th was only half full so I used it to take my FG reading and a taste test.

Damn this beer is good! My bottler (son) was very impressed and pushing for kegging so we can drink sooner! Probably going to eventually go that direction but since this is only my second 5 gallon batch (two small batches also), I am not in a real hurry. Still . . .

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Good thing you’re not in a hurry… that beer really benefits from some age. Make sure you set some aside.

I have a Bourbon Barrel Port that has been sitting in the bottle now for a little over a month. Trying to make it to Memorial day before I indulge! LOL :wink:

I just pitched the yeast on my third Caribou Slobber this month. I’m trying to build up a good supply so some can survive for 8 months of aging. I’m using WY 1332 for the yeast.

I’ll probably do a few more before 8 months goes by.

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