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Caribou Slobber Tweak

I love the Caribou Slobber kit, but was wondering if I add less malt syrup, will it be less dark?
I am looking to lighten it up without sacrificing taste…Any input?

Adding less malt syrup will not lighten the color of the beer. It will how ever lighten your original gravity.The dark color of the beer is from the Carmel malts and roasted malts. You could try to substitute some of the malts for lighter lovibond Carmel and roasted malts but there is no guarantee taste will be the same as the original recipe

You can’t add less LME and not affect flavor. Just curious, why would you want to make it lighter? Are you just talking color? You could probably do something with the specialty grains, like not using the black malt, or using Briess Caramel 20L instead of 80L. I suppose you could also use a lighter LME but then you’re not making Caribou Slobber. There’s plenty of good kits for lighter colored beer if that’s what you’re after, because anything you do to lighten the color of the CS is going to change the flavor.

The “late extract addition” technique will lighten the color some, without changing OG or flavor.

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