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Caribou Slobber Taste Salty

I just brewed my first batch ever starting with the Caribou Slobber. I had a friend help me who has much more experience than I do and according to him we did everything right. 2 weeks after bottling our first 6-pack tasted great!

However, after another few days every beer we’ve had since starts great and finishes with the strongest soy sauce taste I have ever experienced in a beer. I can’t really stomach a full bottle now. What on earth could have caused it to taste like that?

Help a newbie out!

Soy sauce flavor is associated with autolysis. Yeast cells dying and decomposing.

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Something seems to be wrong. Can you give us some details on the brewing and fermenting.

If everything seems right for your process then the CS just needs more time conditioning. I don’t taste my first one for four weeks.

Interesting, in my experience, CS starts out a little rough and then gets better, actually awesome with time…

What details are you wanting? I followed the instructions to the letter which I can get for you later.

What was your source for water?

We used gallon water jugs from ozarka I believe

Water, yeast, yeast pitch rate, time and temperature in the primary, secondary(?), and bottle conditioning temperature.

Should be fine. How old was the kit? Old LME can pick up a soy sauce taste, in my experience.

Seems a yeast issue. Weird. I did several. Caribou slobber. No issues. But i could be you bottled to quik. Me. Keg after four weeks. So leave it stand longer than what the recipi says. Total time 8 to 10 days. First fermenter. Than to second. For. 4 weeks

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