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Caribou Slobber Stubborn Krausen

Brewed the slobber kit 13 days ago. There is still a layer of foam on top in the primary. Not sure you can even call it krausen anymore since it isn’t bubbling or active at all. When I agitate the fermenter, it dissipates only to re-form within 20-30 minutes.

What on earth could be causing this? Sanitation problem? I’ve not seen something like this in the otehr ktis I’ve brewed.

I made a similar post a week or so ago… but am still looking for answers!

in a bucket or carboy? If it’s re-forming, there must be some activity. A gravity reading will tell you if you’re finished.


Yeah - hadn’t gotten around to taking readings yet. Its just that its been plenty long for everything to be “done” for the most part…hence my confusion.

Temps in the 60*-67* range? Some yeast will stay active below the temp range (US-05 will ferment at 50*F) but go really slow. Overall, I don’t think you should worry. I’ve had beer keep the krausen for more than 2 weeks.

I also seem to remember the C-Slobber yeast taking its time to ferment when I brewed last summer.

Did you use the liquid yeast? When I made CSlobber last year it took almost 4 weeks for it all to disappear. I was patient and waited it out and it was a great beer. 2 times I have used that liquid yeast (1335?) and had the same issues. I would wait it out and not transfer until it falls.

I made it again this year and “hurried” it along after 2 weeks and the beer was undrinkable as the yeast were not done and left off flavors in the final product.

Yes, liquid yeast.

I moved to a secondary last sat (2 weeks in primary). Its finally fallen down now in the secondary. I plan to give it at least another 2 in secondary and see how it goes.

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