Caribou Slobber Secondary Question

I transferred my Caribou Slobber brew into the secondary on January 3rd, then had to travel for two weeks and haven’t gotten time to bottle it. Is there anything I need to do extra to it before I bottle, or should it be fine? Our house temp sits around 67-70 degrees, there is nothing funky looking in it, when I move the carboy slightly, c02 comes out of the airlock… Will there be enough yeast to carbonate the bottles? Thanks for any help!

As long as you have confirmed its finished fermenting you can go ahead and bottle! FWIW, it’s VERY likely it’s finished fermenting by this time.

Keep your bottles warm, 70°-75° for at least 3 weeks. Then put a couple in the fridge and sample. That beer does well with some age on it. Brew up some more beer to take your mind off that one.

Inside tip: fill a 20oz plastic bottle with your primed beer and squeeze the air out of it. As it carbs the bottle will get hard. When the bottle is hard you’ll know it’s carbed and is so in the glass bottles.

Your fine. I’ve made Lagers that sat 2 months at 36 degrees and the yeast still carbed the bottles. The Carribou Slobber is a awesome beer, like the person above said, it’s gets better and better with age.