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Caribou slobber quick fermentation?

For my first brew, I’m brewing a caribou slobber in a 1 gal jug. I followed the direction on brew day except instead of pitching half of the yeast, I accidentally added about 75-85% of the yeast packet. I noticed that it began to bubble the next morning, but when I go home from work in the afternoon, I couldn’t detect any activity. It looks like it overflowed a little bit. I’m storing it at about 75deg. I can’t get it when cooler in my apt. I also live in florida. Also, I can see a lot of yeast settling at the bottom of the jug, but the brew is cloudy.

Is there anything wrong with my fermentation? If so, can I fix it?
Is my beer going to have an off taste?

Thanks in advance!

75-85% of the packet is less of a problem than the 75 degrees. You may get some rocket fuel flavor from fermenting so warm.

Cloudy is normal at this stage, let it sit for a few more weeks and it will improve.

Search the forum for “swamp chiller” You should be able to make something for your 1-gal jug with a big cook pot and a dish towel or two.

Thanks! I wrapped it in a damp kitchen towel and placed it in a pot. I then filled it with water. Now it’s at 71deg.

It’s a little late to cool things down, I’m afraid. The damage has been done.

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