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Caribou Slobber Questions

Hey all, my lovely girlfriend got me the essentials kit from NB a while back and I’m just getting around to it now and I had a few questions in general and in regards to the specific brew.

First, we’ve had it sitting in our basement since Christmas and I was wondering what the chances are that any ingredients may have spoiled? We’re in Wisconsin so the basement doesn’t get too warm, so I’m not super concerned, but just wanted some opinions. For what it’s worth, the yeast packet was still solid and not bubbled up at all (I’ve since placed it in the refrigerator).

My second question is regarding the taste of the Caribou Slobber. I’ve read in a few places that it is quite hoppy. This concerns me because for the most part I do not like hoppy beers (IPAs are my least favorite beer). What is a commercial beer that I’d be able to try that would be most similar to this? Moose Drool?

And lastly, is there anything I could change in the brewing process (less hops / different type) to decrease the hoppiness of the beer without ruining anything?

Thank you in advance!

I don’t see this as a very hoppy beer.

Did you try Moose Drool?

If you must decrease the IBU’s, cut from the hops that are added for the full boil (60 min.) Cut maybe 1/4-1/2 at most.

It will be a sweeter beer.

I have tried Moose Drool and though it’s not my favorite, it’s decent. I take it that the CS is close to that then? My concern was mostly stemming from someone indicating that out of the three recipes that you can pick with the essential kit that CS is good for someone that likes hoppy beers.

But, again, if this is similar to Moose Drool in hoppiness I feel like I’ll be fine.

Did you get dry or liquid yeast with it? Liquid yeast at basement temperatures for a few weeks might not be so healthy anymore.

It was the Danstar dry yeast.

It’ll be fine, then - my LHBS keeps all their dry yeast at room temperature, and although not ideal I haven’t had a problem with it.

I have a Caribou Slobber bottle conditioning, bottled 12/30/14. Temperature is at 66°F, so it won’t be ready to sample for another four weeks.
I don’t consider it hoppy. Using a calculator comes out to be about 31 IBUs’. This is using the average AA% of the hops. I didn’t record the actual values on the packages.

I’m worried the beer may be just like Moose Drool. Okay beer, but lacks flavor. I added 1 pound of DME and 4 pounds of LME for 60 minutes. The last 2 pounds of LME were added at power down, no boiling.
All of the previous batches had all the extract in for 60 minutes. Beer turned out dark and full bodied, great flavor. Next batch I will add the last 2 pounds of extract at 30 minutes left in the boil.
Yeast used was WY 1332.

I don’t get it as a hoppy beer either. Dark brown color, but generally tasted like a brown ale to me. It’s wasn’t great but definitely wasn’t bad either. I made mine back in September maybe. Most of it is gone now.

Hold on to a few bottles. I’ve read that in maybe 4-6 months, this beer tastes outstanding. I’ll be cracking one open soon to taste!

I 've done it twice and agree with everyone else- this is not a hoppy beer. It’s well balanced, malty, somewhat roasty, a little chocolatey, VERY yummy.

I agree they just through the word hoppy in there for advertisement. It’s a pretty inoffensive beer that’s why it’s included in the starter kit. I don’t think I would change the recipe it will end to sweet. Make sure you keep a constant temp during fermentation and you will make fine beer.

I got cute with this recipe one time and added some lactose to make it a little sweeter. BIG mistake.
Much better when recipe is followed. Definitely not too hoppy

Just my .02.



Well, yesterday was brew day and overall I would say it went quite well. Only issues I encountered were keeping a good boil going without letting it boil over (old stove that seems to struggle at times haha). I checked her this morning in the closet and she was a-bubblin’ so I know I did something right.

My only concern is that I believe the OG ended up higher than it should have been. I measured it and it came out to 1.061, so just about .01 over the suggested. I’m not exactly sure how this happened as I’m fairly certain I added enough water at the end, but I doubt it’ll do much harm, other than making it a bit stronger. Am I correct in that assumption?

Thank you all for the feedback as well, can’t wait to taste this baby in a few weeks…

Probably end up about 6 1/2 ABV. It should be good. Now you need to start planning your next brew and brew day.

Something I learned from this board. If you are using the measurements on a bucket or carboy do yourself a favor and get a gallon jug and fill it up with 5 gallons and check your marks at each gallon. I can tell you on my two buckets each was off probably 1-2 inches, that’s a lot of water missing.

The other possibility is your top off water and boiled wort were not fully mixed. The SG sample came from the part of the wort higher in sugars.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think I did a thorough mix before sampling, so it’s entirely possible it was taken from the higher concentrated portion.

In regards to the marks on the bucket, I was indeed following the lines on it :oops: Definitely going to have to check the accuracy once this batch is done!

Both those suggestion are solid advice. It can be difficult to thoroughly mix top off water. One thing about extract is that if you hit the correct volume of wort the OG will be correct for the recipe.

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