Caribou Slobber Questions - First Time Brewing

Hi all,

This is my first attempt at brewing my own beer and decided to start with Caribou Slobber. Everything seemed to go fine as I went through the steps and now it’s waiting time.

The questions I have are around the time needed in each of the containers. The instructions say 1-2 weeks for initial container, then 3-4 weeks in the second container, and then 1-2 weeks in bottles.

I don’t have a hydrometer so I plan on waiting to move to the second container after the full two weeks, but should I then wait the full 4 weeks before I bottle? Then, should they stay in bottles for the full two weeks.

Any advice is much appreciated!

I use 2,2,2 rule. A Hydrometer would be a good investment. Technically it is what determines transfer times but you’ll be awight. the longer the Slob conditions the better it gets. Though I could never wait that long. Enjoy

As long as your brewing went well (including sanitizing) an extended time in the primary will not effect the quality of your beer. If anything it will help. The only consideration is to transfer to a secondary fermenter to get the beer off the trub and prevent off flavors (which rarely happens if at all). By transferring to a secondary you also risk infection. There is a movement by a lot of guys to only use a single fermenter for the duration. I usually leave beer in the primary for 4-5weeks, secondary 2+ weeks, bottle condition for 2 weeks. It’s all a matter of preference though.

Welcome, igjoe.

You’ll find opinions on whether to 2nd or not, but most agree on leaving your beer alone until fermentation is complete.

There is no set time. I generally leave mine in primary for 3-4 wks, then keg. I kegged a DIPA on Mon. that I brewed on Christmas Eve.

If you 2nd too early, your next post will be about high FG and bottle bombs. :wink:

With ales, I vacillate between going 3 weeks in primary, then bottling
Or 2 weeks primary, then 1-2 weeks secondary before bottling.
If I’m going to use the yeast from batch 1 in batch 2, then I go with option 2. Or if I’m planning on adding something special in secondary.
I do still think I get a more clear beer with option 2, but it isn’t a huge difference. And as I relax (and maybe get lazy) I seem to be doing more option 1.
But I always bottle condition at room temp. for 3 weeks before moving out to my ‘cold garage’( OK I do try one each week).
You’ll eventually work out what works for you. But for now, the 2,2,2(or 3,3,3) rule will work.
And definitely get a hydrometer. They’re cheap(and breakable)
Good luck, and have fun!
By the way, CS was a great choice for your 1st. There’s a definite reason it’s one of NBs biggest sellers.

@Torkermax I’ll definitely look into getting a hydrometer!

@Brandonscott79 I’m pretty sure sanitizing went well, but only time will tell, haha. I’ll be very careful when transferring to the secondary.

@MRV I hope to get better and use kegs someday. Also, I’ve witnessed a bottle bomb when my old roommate brewed his own beer. I definitely don’t want that to happen with mine!

@James Rausch Good to know there’s flexibility with timing and thanks for the detail with your results. The more I’m researching the more fun it is. I’m learning a lot just reading through the forum.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to help! I think I’m going to do a mixture of all the advice and do a 3-4, 2, 2. I’ll report back with the results!