Caribou slobber life expectancy

How long will slobber last in a keg (and still taste good?)

Never made Caribou Slobber, but I’ve made brown ales before that have been chilled/kegged for 6 months and still decent.

this kit does well with some age, brings out the more subtle malts tones. I don’t keg, but I’ve had a CS bottle aged for over a year and it was GREAT. :cheers:

Same thing. On the other hand, if you polish it off too soon, the last couple pints may have you wishing you waited. She does get better with age.

good to know, thanks!

Not sure about keg, but I just finished up a Slobber that I brewed and bottled last September. I thought it was at it’s best as of recent (6 months later). The chocolate and malt tones really started to come out. I plan to brew another, let it sit in bottles for three to four months before even touching them. Had them stored in the low 60’s.

I agree with the other replies. I brewed Slobber last spring and just finished off the last bottle a few weeks ago. The last few bottles were the best of the batch.