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Caribou Slobber lack of foam - 1 week in

I got the partial extract kit of Caribou Slobber and the essential Brewing Starter kit for Christmas (finally a x-mas gift that isn’t socks). I checked the beer 2 days after and now 7 days after the initial sealing of the fermenter. I unfortunately have not seen a very thick head of foam on top on day 2 and day 7 has no foam at all. There is a ring of what looks like dried hops about an inch up the sides of the plastic fermenter which I hope was from foam of fermenting.

Perhaps I am just paranoid. Are there other indicators to show that everything is moving along well in there? I appreciate the help!

Your fine the ring was from the krausen.

Take a hydrometer reading. I am guessing the main part of the fermentation is done. It will take another two weeks for the yeast to finish all of their clean up work.

I have had my Caribou Slobber extract kit in primary for about a week now…this thing gets going quickly and calms down quickly. Yeast used and fermentation temps will impact this…I used the Northwest Wyest liquid yeast and I pitched in the mid-70 degree range and my fermentation was rocking hot and heavy in under 8 hours. After about 12 hours, I had to switch from an airlock to a blowoff. However, by the end of Day 2, the hot and heavy was over and I have been bubbling along via the blowoff at a rate of a bubble every 5 seconds or so the past 3 days. It’ll stay there at least another week or so. So sounds like you blew through the initial fermentation phase in under 2 days but you should leave it in there for at least another week (or two if no secondary) b/c I assure you it’s still working hard.

I agree with brihenz23. I did the extract kit and it really got started fast but also died down about as quick. I’m sure you’ll be perfectly fine!

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