Caribou Slobber Kegging

I brewed my first beer, Caribou Slobber, on Feb 17th.

I did transfer to secondary per the instructions at end of two weeks and am about 1.5 weeks into the secondary. The kit says 2-4 weeks in the secondary and I was wondering if it is ok to keg it now?

We have a kegerator in the office and are between normal full-size kegs so it is a good time to get it in there. So my question is should I keg it now, or should I be patient and give it a few more weeks?

And, if I keg it now, and force carbonate for a day or two, should it be drinkable at that time or should I let it sit for another week or two?

I thought I could be patient with this, but I’m just too excited, and, well, we’re out of beer at work too!

Did you take a FG reading to confirm fermentation is complete??? If so I see no issues with kegging now. I kegged a little over 3 wks when I first brewed Caribou Slobber and it was tasting just fine.

It will take more than 2-3 days to carbonate if you use the “set it and forget it” method. More likely 2 weeks.

The time in the keg can also be called your secondary.

Like Nate mentioned, transfer the beer when it is ready. Not by the calendar. Though 2 weeks is a good time line to allow the yeast to clean up any byproducts of fermentation they made. But 1st you should know if you have reached a sufficient final gravity.

You cabn be carbed and ready to go in 2 days. This is my method.

Rack beer to keg and seal @ 30 psi. (Do not shake keg)

Put in kegerator and let sit for 2 days @ 30 psi.

After 48 hours, turn of the gas.

Purge gas out of keg.

Turn gas back on to serving pressure.

You should be good to go.

Works like a charm,

My SG reading after 2 weeks in primary was 1.016. Took another last night and was the same.

So I kegged it last night.

Thanks for the feedback.