Caribou Slobber extract question


I’m fairly new to home brewing and I have recently brewed the Caribou Slobber extract, 5 gallon batch. Its currently in my primary fermenter, and has been for 2 weeks. The yeast took off like gang busters about a day after it was in the fermenter.

My question is, the Krausen has not fallen at all. It’s still about 2 inches thick on the top. Other beers I have brewed the Krausen fell back into the wort with the 1st 2 weeks.

Is this ok? Will the Krausen eventually fall? Should I just leave it longer in the primary fermenter until the Krausen falls?

Any suggestions or insight would be appreciated.



Just leave it in there…do you have a hydrometer?

Your Slobber will be done after the krausen has dropped. The yeast are still working. Give it time to mature.

After 2 weeks it’s almost certainly done, but take a couple of serial SGs to be sure. Give the bucket a swirl and if you have the ability, cold crash it and the krausen will drop. Sometiimes they just stick. If for some reason it doesn’t drop, you can always siphon from underneath it.

I gave my slobber 3 weeks and it was really nice and clear by that time.

The third week usually makes the difference for me anyway.