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Caribou Slobber Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains

I have been making wine for about a year now and thought I would dabble in the fine art of brewing beer.

Would “Caribou Slobber Extract Kit w/ Specialty Grains” be a good kit to start my adventure with?

WHat beer does the Carabou slobber closely resemble? I like hoppy beer but not the over the top hoppy beers.

I love a good flavorful brown ale!!!

Thanks for your comments

believe it’s a moose drool clone, but i couldn’t tell you because i just bottled mine 2 days ago. tastes good though, it’s a brown ale. it’s an easy kit to brew.

I believe this is one of the most popular kits that NB sells. In 25 or so batches, it is the only duplicate that I have brewed to date and it is currently carbonating.

It is a brown ale that is a little sweet with hints of chocolate. Even people that think they will not like homebrew will generally like this.

I just ordered up one Slobber kit and am happy to be brewing again. I have only one other kit experience (Irish Red, another popular one) and have discovered there’s such a thing as too much starsan. It wasn’t bad, just not great… Well, at least it’s beer.

Being a noob, I see three hop additions and wonder how “hoppy” this beer will be. I a fan of the malty beers and shy away from the heavy hopped beers. Anyone with brewing tips on this one?

This is not a hoppy beer in any way.

Did you brew it? Correct on it being a Moose Drool clone. And a pretty spot-on one at that.

I have made a couple batches myself. Awesome beer. I converted one of my Busch Light buddies to liking homebrew, and this beer put him over the edge. He never liked darker or brown ales, but this one did it for him. It is a nice smooth brown, with the aforementioned hints of chocolate. Not very hoppy at all. A great brew to enjoy as the temps turn cooler, even better if there is a bonfire burning to enjoy next to.


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