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Caribou Slobber AG

First batch of AG went onto beer smith added in all the grains and mashed in 3.2 gallons of water for 60 minutes at 154F then slowly drained off the wort. Added 2 more gallons to mush tun let sit for 10 min then drained off. Not sure if suppose to keep doing this till I got to 6 -7gallons of wort. Ended up with about 4 gallons. Sit in fermenter for 2 --3 weeks

You are going to boil it, right? :wink:

Ideally, you want the first runnings to be equal to half the volume of your boil and the other half comes from the sparge. If you only got two gallons out of the mash, you should have added another ~5 quarts of boiling water at the end of the mash to get the first runnings to 3.25 gallons and then added 3.25 gallons for the sparge, giving you 6.5 gallons in the kettle (assuming you want a 6.5-gal boil but if you want a 6-gal boil, knock a quart off each addition).

How were you mashing.
As an example I batch sparge and using Beersmith water additions are 3.5 gallons, 1.12 gallons and 3.5 gallons approx. to get 6.72 gallons of wort. I’m still learning Beersmith, but after 9 AG batches I’m starting hit my temps. volumes, and gravities. It really does take practice and patience. I have neither.

I’m enjoying this now. Did a primary for 3 weeks, a keg for 1 week at room temperature and then 2 weeks in the kegerator. Still will benefit from more time in the kegerator but it’s smooth and very enjoyable.
I did a BIAB and hit OG and FG right on target.

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