Care abd feeding of refractometers

I just used one for the first time today. After you check the gravity, how are you supposed to clean it? I rinsed it off and then dabbed it dry. But what is the right way? I assume you need to be careful not to scratch anything?

Also, I found the NB online converter from Brix to SG, but is there a printable version somewhere?

Your not suppose to get it overly wet just use a light rinse or a damp cloth and wipe it off.

Take the Brix and multiply by 4 will get you very close but only on new wort that hasn’t fermented.

Once it is fermenting you will need to use a conversion chart.

I scoop the wort out of the boil pot with a spoon and pour it over the prism. After getting the reading, I spray the prism off with the spray bottle that is sitting by the pot to control boil over foam. Then wipe if off on my cotton T-shirt. :oops:

Here is a summary of refractometer equations: ... tions.html

Use Sean’s calculators: ... alculator/