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Carboys broken

Again one of the carboy did shatter during transport to the island. Now i wonder. Why dont they at the shipping department. Put bubble plastic around the carboy. Not only just in a cardboard box. They bubble wrap the hops and cleaning products. Think my brew partner will send today a mail to nb

Are you guys opposed to plastic? They offer Better Bottles and the plastic Big Mouth Bubbler.

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Me do like the big mouth bubbler for primary. I love the glass carboys for secondary fermenting. But this time. Me gonna look for plastic. Kind of weird got to buy two and hope at least one makes it alive to the island

Look at SS brew tech, 7-1/2 gallon stainless steel bucket… I’m going to switch to those this winter… I just looks to be the cats meow! Put in a mini fridge, controlled… BAM !! Sneezles61

Yeah i know did look at ss fermenters. Got to convince the wife. First

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You get a couple of them and you won’t need any more, unless perhaps you increase your volume in the beer line! Sneezles61

Do you still work at the brewery? They should buy you the equipment you need for recipe development and research.

^^^^ BINGO !! Sneezles61

Yes still work there now thats a idea. Order some ss 7.7 gaÄşon fermentors. In the name of research for the BREWERY

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