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Carboy cleaning tip!

I pulled out a Carboy that I have used for a few years. It was a bit grimey with hop yeast and trub particles in there. I have no bottle brush so I had to throw in a wad of paper towels with a little star San.

Holding the Carboy sideways and using a little centrifugal motion to swirl the paper towel around at my desired location worked great! And it doesn’t scratch it up like a bottle brush.

I’m sure it’s not revolutionary but I figured I’d pass it on in case anyone found it useful!

Give it an Oxiclean or PBW soak first, then drop in a washcloth (which weighs more than the papertowels) and do the swirl routine, and you’ll get it clean - StarSan doesn’t have much cleaning ability, but it’s great for lubrication and sanitation.

Yeah I had paper towels right there so I tried it and thought a rag would be even better. But this worked really well I don’t own oxi clean but I will have to pick some up. Is oxi clean ok to use on kegs? Mine have been out of commission almost two years.

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