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Carboy bungs not fitting

Hi All,

I am using a 6 gallon glass carboy which I purchased front NB. Trouble is in the UK we are metric, so our bungs don’t seem to match up.

A standard bung seem to small, it’s really loose with a couple of MM to sprare when I try to insert it into the top of the carboy.

So I purchased a “universal carboy bung” and now that is too big to fit in the regular way, but I can turn upside down and stretch it round the outside of the bottle mouth, it seems tight around the top, although it will come off with a small amount of pressure…


Will this be ok?

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It’s so annoying isn’t it? You would think this was just about the lowest form of human engineering. I would hazard to guess that plugging holes was like week 2 of human existence (week 1 was making holes BTW).
Yet stopping a carboy hole is so unsatisfying even when it has it’s own word, bung.
I would look at the product details listed midway on the paged linked here…

Spoiler: You want the No. 10

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How’d you do that

You mean this?


Kind of like invisible ink

I have a special erasure (hidden in the sprocket icon above) that, after highlighting, you click blur spoiler.

I see brew cat is easy amused! Now, to have a moving mouse in a paragraph… :joy: I better go feed the deer… Sneezles61

OhI also like chasing my tail

Okthat’s fun but now I’ll go back to knocking bulbs off that silly tree

If it works, whats the problem? I’d bet even a cork stopper will do… Sneezles61

Those pictures show a barely working situation

Better than dead in the wort… eh? Sneezles61

All the carboys I have are italian made so I don’t think it has anything to do with metric. Besides the bungs are tapered. Some times if they are wet they pop out. Ive taped them in. Mine seem to work better now maybe the new rubber is slippery for awhile

I got mad at a wet bung once and gave it an aggressive shove, very aggressive, and it popped into my carboy. That was a situation. I forget how if debunged my hole by I know it involved needle-nose pliers and cursing.

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Squeegee, this is a G-rated forum… Need I remind you? :wink: Sneezles61

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No redacting of post allowed!!

Those universal bungs come in small and large. Looks like you got the large size. You need the small.

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