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Carbonation Question

So I just enjoyed my first brew of Caribou Slobber Ale. I’m noticing that it carbonates quickly and then losses it’s carbonation once it starts to get close to room temperature. When I added the priming sugar to the beer on bottling day, I forgot to stir, was wondering if that why? I bottled it three weeks ago and went on a trip for work. Came back and tired it. Any thoughts as to why?

Could be a lot of reasons. Less than adequate mixing of the priming sugar might be part of it. Also, how clean is your glassware? If there is any soapy residue at all, it will kill your carbonation quickly. I always rinse my glassware a couple of times before pouring in a beer even if the glass is already “clean”. Might also be due to too vigorous a boil, fermentation temperature too warm… lots of things. What temperature was the beer fermented at? If greater than 70 F, this can be a real head killer. Fusel alcohols are produced in greater abundance at warm temperatures, and fusels kill foam. If you ferment in the mid 60s you’ll be better off.

Best of luck to you. Ensure your glassware is clean first. Then consider the other things.

How long has the beer been in the bottle?

I defiantly fermented at too high of a temp. It was around 70. It’s been bottled for two weeks.

Let the beer condition for two more weeks. Chill a few for at least three days then see what happens using a clean glass.

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