Carbonation problems

So it’s been two weeks since I bottled my first batch of beer, a Hefeweizen extract kit from NB. Should it be fully carbonated by this point? I followed the directions for priming exactly as the recipe states (2/3 cup priming sugar, 16 oz boiled water). Will it become more carbonated or is this it?

Also, pretty disappointed by the overall taste so far. I guess I’m pretty picky about my hefeweizen’s, I really wanted something that tasted like Paulaner or Franziskaner, which are 2 of my favorites. There aren’t any “off-flavors” to the beer I brewed, it’s just not as full bodied and full flavored as I was hoping (plus the lack of carbonation).

Can I expect any of this to improve by letting it sit in bottles longer? Like I said this is my first brew so I really don’t know what to expect, but I have heard from brewer friends and people on forums that this might just be “green beer” and things will improve with time.

You can try swirling them to rouse the yeast, then put them in a warm spot (70+). :cheers:

I would agree. 2 weeks is pretty soon. Swirl them up and move to a warmer spot.

NEVER judge a beer until it is fully carbonated. This makes a huge difference.

A hefeweizen should peak at about 3-5 weeks after bottling. Make sure these are not in too cold of a spot to carbonate.

I did the same thing on my first batch by warming the room up for two weeks. Now six weeks after bottling the beer the beer does have more carbonation. I wonder if I had left the bottles in the warmer room for more weeks if that would have helped even more. Good Brewing