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Carbonation problem

I have had trouble with my last few beers. It looks as though they are over carbonated.
I keg my beer and carb with co2. It has only happened the last couple of beers.
I use a forced carbonation calculator to get my pressures.
When I pour it is all foam and its like there are air bubbles coming through the tap. also the beer line is not fully charged. I don’t know if that is because of the foam or there is not enough pressure to keep the line charged.
Another thought I had was that maybe I have over filled the kegs.
If anyone one has any ideas I would be very great full.

I never get perfect foam for mine, so I might learn a few things from others suggestions.

I sometimes reduce the pressure when I dispense. However, the most important thing for me is to use a smaller and longer ID hose between the keg and the faucet. The result is less mechanical action to take CO2 out of the beer. There is a more gradual transition from pressure drop from keg to atmospheric pressure due to a reduced flow rate. I am sure there are charts, to refer to. If you find charts, you can go longer if willing to deal with slower flow.

How did you carbonate the keg? Set it at the desired CO2 pressure for the vol level per style and forget it? Set the CO2 to high pressure and roll or rock the keg?

How long are your beverage lines? If you’re using the set it and forget it method and arriving at the correct vol level then your lines are probably too short.

Three things have to balance to get a proper pour: temperature, CO2 pressure and line length. If you’re happy with the temp and vol level then make your lines longer to reduce foam.

When I switched from picnic taps to perlick taps I figured my system was balanced fine with the 5 foot lines so that should be fine. Didn’t work. I got foamy pours. So I put on 10 ft lines intending to trim then down until I was happy with the speed of pour. They’re still 10 ft long. Perfect pours in reasonable time.

I typically keep my fridge at 38 and pressure at 9-10 for most styles. The only time I ever lower that is to bottle from the tap or raise it to “quick” force carb a keg. Otherwise it stays at 9-10psi.

Edit: forgot this link: … ance.shtml

I have a beer disconnect on the gas line. So I put 30psi down the beer dip tube, give it a shake and then let the pressure off. Then I leave it at the suggested psi.
maybe I should stop doing this and just set and forget.
I will try increasing my beer lines too.

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