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Carbonation problem

Brewed a Witbier and bottled 14 days ago opened my first bottle and almost zero carbonation. This is my first batch of speciality grains. Is there anything I should do besides wait?

there are a few things that could be happening. the bottles could be taking longer to carbonate because they are stored below 68 degrees, or your priming sugar solution didnt mix completely in your bottling bucket which caused some bottles to get more than others.

what temperature are you storing your bottles at? most recommend you wait for 3 weeks for carbonation. you could raise the temperature and give each bottle a slight swirl. but if the priming sugar solution wasnt mixed thoroughly enough, then some bottles could be at risk of bursting

I have the bottles stored in the house so 70ish. I’ll give each bottle a swirl and more time. Thanks Thom

Just checked and swirled the reminder of the batch and found one cracked bottle. Do you think I didn’t mix the priming sugar enough. It said give it a gentle mix. ugh! I was so phyched about this :frowning:

I continually re-stir after I’ve filled about 10-12 bottles. Ends up about 4 times a session.

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