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Carbonation needed in cider?

I don’t have any kind of kegging or draft system, and I prefer my drinks on the sweet side. Is carbonation needed for cider, or is it fine to drink it still?

I’m considering using Lalvin 71B (it’s the only thing I’ll use in my mead), adding sugar to ferment to 13% ABV, doing a couple months of secondary, then sweetening to preference and bottling right away. Since 71B only goes to 14% ABV it should (maybe) carbonate without making bottle bombs…

It’s fine to drink still, though I personally discovered that I strongly prefer it carbonated.

I’m currently working my way through a batch that I bottled before I had kegging equipment. I experimented with a few options for what to do instead, and so far the one I like best is the cider that I left dry and un-campdened, bottled with priming sugar, and sweetened to taste with simple syrup when I pour it.

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