carbonation level

This question has probably been on here before but I missed it. So when a recipe says to force carb to 2.3 volumes, how do you know how much that is?

Vol. is a combination of psi and temp. Refer to this chart for the numbers that relate to your set up.

Thanks for the link, I’d never seen that chart. My only questions now are, what is the time factor involved, and after its carbonated, what is the ideal serving psi or does it make a difference.

Time involved to get to the carbonation you want? If you set it at “x” psi and wait, a week or so.

You want to serve the beer at the same psi that you have it carbonated at. Otherwise the beer with become over/under carbonated.

Serving pressure, and thus carbonation level, is a matter of the length of you beverage line. You need a long enough line to “drop” the pressure before the liquid get to the tap.


So three thing need to work in harmony. Temp/pressure/line length.