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Carbonation in bottles

I recently bottled 5 gals of beer, using 3/4 cup corn sugar & 1 cup water. This is day 10 and there was a little fiz when I opened one but no carbonation in the beer. It’s been at 68-74 degrees. How long until we get some carbonation. Beer does taste good, just flat!

I always have one at 7 days - it is never ready. Then I always have one at 14 days - sometimes it is ready. THen i always have one at 21 days - almost always it is ready. THat said the ESB I have had in the bottle for 5 weeks is just tasting good. Hang in there.

1-2 times a day tip the bottles upside down and give a little shake.

For your next batch, fill 1 soda bottle. Squeeze the air out and cap. You will see how the carbonation is coming along with out opening the glass bottles.

The larger 1l/2l soda bottles also make good container if you can plan ahead for camping trips. No worries about broken glass.

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