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Carbonation for NB kits

So this seems like an obvious question but something I’ve noticed with the kits - the recipes give advice on carbonation (lightly carbonated, or highly carbonated)… but then they all call for the same amounts of priming sugar (2/3 cup of corn sugar or 5/8 cup of table sugar.) I’m looking at the Dawson’s Multigrain Red kit that says “carbonate lightly, drink fresh…” and it calls out the same amounts…

What gives? I’m off to check NB’s priming calculator. Maybe there is a one-page cheat sheet there.

i never gave it mutch thought, i always add the 5oz. of corn sugar to the bottling bucket and go with it. i have noticed some batches carbed up more than others. seems to be ok to me, for all i know those batches were meant to have less carbonation. ill have to look at my notes.

I used to bottle with 5 oz of corn sugar, but since another online brew store who I frequently use sells their bottling corn sugar pouches at 4.5 oz, I’ve had success with that amount. So now, I use 4.5 oz. I’m pretty happy with the carbonation levels.


Here is the Calculator on the NB site.

I started using the 5oz packs for the first few batches, and never had a problem with it. I have since bought the larger bag of corn sugar and am trying to get a more accurate level of carbonation as per the styles. I used 1/2 cup for an Irish red and 3/4 cup for an IPA. I was surprised that the level of carbonation was noticeably different, but it’s good. I need to get a small kitchen scale to I can measure some of this stuff in ounces!

Wow, according to that calculator, I over sugar almost everything.

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