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Carbonation ... bottle conditioning

I cannot consistently Carb my brew… I make a lot of different styles and its always over carbed or had under carbed… I only brew ales and I always use 1/2 - 3/4 cup of table sugar in 12ozthe of water to prime…I always make sure I’m taking yeast from the fermenter into the bottling bucket… I accidentally froze a bottle that was under carbed and when I thawed it out it had a nice bite to it… what’s that abou

I use beer replicator. That gives you different styles and thier carb volumes at different beer temps. And measure priming sugar by weight.

Weigh your sugar instead of measuring it by volume. Start there.

This made a huge difference for me when I finally got a scale (went from extract to AG so I needed one then) and I started looking up how much to carb for a given style. Once you know how much to carb, you can put those numbers into a calculator to figure out how much sugar to use. In fact, here’s the calculator on TastyBrew right here:
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