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Carbonation and Line Temp

I received a Nostalgia Electrics KRS2100 kegerator for christmas last year. It is a single tap. Of course it did not take long to realize that would not be enough so i fitted my co2 tank with a splitter and use a picnic tap on a second keg in the fridge. My problem now is that the picnic tap serves perfectly around 10-12 PSI which I where I would like to be but my tower comes out pure foam at that point. Even at lower pressure my first beer is almost always foam from my tower. It is a thin metal tower with a hole at the bottom barely big enough for the serving line to fit through (let alone a lot of cold air) it has a small piece of insulation in the tower but I dont think it does much. I am running five feet of line but if it is a temp issue in the tower I doubt adding more would do anything. (?) I guess my question to fellow keggers out there is does this sound like a temp issue and if so any tips to remedy it and keep the tower cooler? or will I pretty much need a better quality tower with more space to help keep the lines cooler?

Thanks in advance

Sounds like a temp issue. Here are my suggestions:

  1. remove tap and make the hole bigger. Get a tower cooler which works wonders.
  2. at least try to blow cold air up tower with a tower cooler.
  3. use a can of spray foam insulation to spray up the tower.

Obviously a thicker better insulated tower would assist in you endeavor. The list is in order of how I would try to combat the problem.

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