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I am on about my 6th keg of delicious beer and have noticed my last 3 beers are extremely foamy. My first 3 beers I slow carbed. My last 3 I forced carbed. For the most part beer #4 did not seem to slow carb the way I had done the previous ones so after day 4 I gave up and gave it a shake - my product gave head galore. Beer 5 and 6 I felt skeptical as well about the slow carb process, thus I forced carbed them just to make sure they would be ok but then again head by the glassful!

Basically, I want to get back to the slow carb process. I have been reading online and found this chart, , however, I am not sure exactly how to read it and or how long I would slow carb.

For example if I am brewing a pale ale, and my temperature is at 36 degrees, I am assuming I would set my regulator to 9 p.s.i. and wait 5 days? 7 days?

Does anyone have any secrets to carbing beer? I like head/foam but not when it fills the glass. I just want say 1/4-1/2 inch on the top.


The beer can only absorb a certain amount of co2, based on the pressure and temperature.

So, if your regulator is set to the pressure needed to serve base on a balanced system, by shaking the keg you will not over carbonate the beer. But, it may need some time to settle after shaking. Just like a bottle of beer that is shaken.

How long for a “set it and forget it” carbonation. 1-2 weeks should get it there.

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