Carbonating with c02 consistently

I Just kegged my first IPA. I’m sure this question has been asked several times , but imma ask it again :o For most average gravity ales ( 5% -6% @ 38 degrees) is there a consistent way to carb with c02 ? I’m not really in a hurry to force carbonate. I’ve got my low-gauge set to 25 PSI. Will leaving it at 25 psi for a few days usually yield a good carbonation ?

12 psi for a week to ten days.

  • 1 to the set and forget method.

Lately I have done 25-30 psi for 48 hours, then 10-12 for a day or two. Saves a little time.

I usually carb at 35 degrees, 40psi for 24hrs, 20psi for 24hrs, and then drop to serving psi. It has always worked great for me. I don’t roll the keg or anything. If your not in a hurry though, set it and forget it.

ABV% has no correlation to carbonating a beer.

Set it and forget it is the only sure fire way to insure that your beer will not be over carbonated. Shaking the keg at the serving pressure/temp will speed the process up

You can “up” the pressure for a couple of days to get there faster. If you forget about it or let if go to long, you will have over carbonated it.

Thanks for the great info !! I set it for 25 PSI for a few days then turned it down to 10 PSI for a few and it has turned out just right !!