Carbonating Caribou Slobber

Bottled a caribou slobber on Oct6th, tried one last night and it was flat 2nd one had very little carbonation. I only did a primary fermintation for 3 weeks then bottled, I used supplied sugar and racked over to bottling bucket and I did not stir up settiment. My question is Caribou slobber slow to carbonate, or could I have left to much yeast behind that it wont carbonate for lack of residual yeast, the bottles have little to no sediment.

You may have not mixed up your sugar well.

So some may be over carb’d. Others under.

There was plenty of yeast left. Turn the bottles over and spin the them. And then move them to a warmer area.

Next time, gently stir the beer and corn sugar solution every six beers or so to may sure the sugar is equally mixed.

Thank you I was wondering if I had not gotten the sugar mixed thru out on bottling day.

I have found that I probable did not mix sugar evenly thru out found one busted bottle and one carbed just right!!!