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Carbonating American Wheat

so after a forum search i’m gonna ask this question. what is a safe carbonation level for standard bottle? I’m wanting to shoot for 3.0 on this one. Also i thought about cold crashing with ice bath before bottling to clear it up some, i know a wheat will be cloudy and its also an extract. I am a newbie still this is only my second batch, so i’m still learning thx for your help

You should be ok. Pick the heaviest of your bottles for more strength.

I would agree. 3 volumes isn’t too high as most light lagers are 2.7. Also, it never fails… your wheat beer will clear… even when you don’t want it to.

thx for the replys i bottled it today and primmed for 3.0 volumes also cold crashed with an ice bath last night, i’m not worried about using ice cause i get it free at work.

Reread the recent brewing with wheat book and the author said a beer with 15-20% wheat will stay cloudy better than one with a higher percentage.

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