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Carbon Filtration

I want to run hot water from my tankless water heater straight to my HLT in order to shorten the heat up time of my mash water. I also want to add carbon filtration in line. What are the drawbacks of running 140 degree water through GAC?

I’m no expert on this, but defer to the manufaturers of the filters and filter cartridges and their admonition not to run hot water through the filters. Not sue whether it has to do with potential problems with the filter housing or leeching undesirable elements from the filter itself.
Perhaps Martin B. has some insight into this (I’d be curious to know myself).

Are you wanting to filter because of chlorine/chloramine or particulate matter?

I do know that they make filter housings for high temperature applications. Yes, my main reason for filtering is for chlorine removal.

Why not run it on your cold line and filter all your water. With my set up I have a small RV water heater ten gallon and I filter the cold water side. Works great.

Rather than filtering hot water, why not just treat with campden? It’s cheap, fast, and predictable.

All good points. Thanks.

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