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Carbing with diffuser stone

I am curious if anyone has tried this. Sneezles61

Seems like a gimmick to me. But I’m pretty new to force carbing.

I haven’t tried it for homebrew but know this method is used commonly in some commercial breweries.

The millions of tiny bubbles generated by the stone are effectively increasing the surface area of the CO2 in contact with the beer. (same as O2 diffuser ) This increases the rate of absorption so in theory you should be able to carb faster.

I’ve thought about rigging up a diffuser stone onto the end of a liquid dip tube. Cold crash the beer. Seal the keg then set the regulator to carbing pressure. Give it a day and swap to a gas inlet tube.

Never got around to it but it is still on my want to do list.

I’ve seen at other sellers a corney lid that adds a ball-lock gas connector on top, and a tube and stone inside. For $60 they can keep it, IMO, but it sounds a bit more convenient than changing out a dip tube on a full keg.

I will be kegging some brews this W/E and will give it a run. BWMAC2, i’ve heard that from some our breweries up here too. Bent paddle brewery claims they can carb a batch in under four hours, using a diffuser stone thats 4’ long ! I’ll attach mine to a hose and lower it down once its in the serving keg and well chilled. I’ll post back. Sneezles61

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