Carbing in under-filled keg

I’m considering getting kegs, but generally brew less than 5 gallons. 3 is more typical. Is it possible to force-carb a 3-gallon batch in a 5-gallon keg? Or do I really need to get smaller kegs?

I have done it when falling a little short on finished volume. You will need to purge the air out. That will use up a little CO2 but once the pressure is set the beer will absorb the CO2 until it is equalized.

Smaller kegs would probably work better but they are much more expensive than five gallon ones.

I’m getting a few 3g kegs soon…lhbs said they are about the same price as 5g from his supplier.

Yeah but your buying new. Used 5gal kegs are still a little cheaper than new. But it’s catching up!

I’ve kegged smaller batches with no problems. Never did a comparison with 3 and 5 gals though.
Like Mark said, purge the air out.
I don’t see why it would be any different than drinking the last three gals. of a five gal. batch.

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I don’t always brew a 5-er, sometimes just 3 and no problem… sometimes they seem to taste better after carb is absorbed. Sneezles61

I’ve been debating this for a while, but I saw the free toolkit plus free shipping offer this weekend. Finally pulled the trigger.

Odd, the thing I’m really looking forward to is force carbing a sparkling mead.

I also ordered a “last straw” bottler, so we can bring bottles to parties without the “Don’t drink the dregs” speech…

You’ll LOVE kegging! Just one big bottle to fill.

sometimes I will bottle from the keg, just throw the bottle/bottles in the freezer after its been cleaned up, push a piece of tubing just a bit longer than the bottle on to yer tap, take out the bottle and fill, I will put in the fridge to let the foam settle so I can add more! Sneezles61

I had to look up what the heck the last straw bottle filler was. Waste of money. Get a picnic tap setup which is good for other things also. I have a piece of 3/8 stainless I shove in the end to reach into the bottom of the bottles to fill. Works great. I used to push it through a stopper but don’t even do that anymore. The key is to release the pressure from the keg. People who have trouble bottling off the keg are using to much pressure .

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