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Carbing half a keg

Ok so my neighbor tried my beer and has some half kegs he wants to clean and have me fill for him. I just started brewing and haven’t kegged yet, so my question is can i properly keg 10 gal batch in a 15 gal keg?

Everything is the same for carbing a partial keg.

Do you have the equipment to disassemble, clean, and fill them?

Ya I’ve got to research everything I need

Sounds like you are going to have roughly 4-5 gallons worth of headspace in the 1/2 bbl so I would suggest when you are carbing to do a couple purges of the the headspace before the final co2 fill.

also, before i siphon into my keg i try to purge the air out of the keg first. i’m not sure if it is needed or not but one of those little steps that may make a difference.

there are some vids and other sources on the in that explain removing/replacing the spear (lookup kegman).
just be sure the keg is de-pressurized before removing spear. :!:

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